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MAY 31, 2001

Variety pleases Michelin squad

MICHELIN motorsport director Pierre Dupasquier was pleased to see Michelin-shod teams other than Williams taking the company's tire war challenge to Bridgestone at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Although Michelin's usual points scorers both Williams failed to finish, Jaguar and Prost came away with points for the French marque to increase the spread of points scorers on Michelin rubber.

"It is nice to see that an increasing number of our partner teams are now challenging for points," said Dupasquier.

"We were happy with the results obtained by Eddie Irvine and Jean Alesi in Monaco, both of whom scored points."

"Jenson Button did well to finish just outside the top six, and that was an encouraging performance for Benetton.

"Unfortunately neither of the Williams-BMWs finished the race and that is a shame, because they had the potential to finish in the top three."