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MAY 30, 2001

Toyota factory delay

GRAND PRIX newcomers Toyota have postponed the official opening of their massive headquarters in Cologne after delays were introduced in the building work.

Toyota will be on the grid for the first race of 2002 and have already developed a test car, but although the technical side of the team is fine, the conference center and restaurant areas of the team's new facility are not yet complete.

There are also other media events which could have taken the shine off Toyota's factory tour, so they have now shifted it to a different date.

"Although the technical side of the facility is operational," said a spokesperson, "final completion of the building work, conference center and restaurant areas has been slightly delayed. We now plan to organize the official facility inauguration later in the year."

The team is undergoing a year of development during the 2001 season, gaining data through track testing a 2001-spec car before developing their 2002 challenger.