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MAY 30, 2001

Barrichello revelling in electronics

FERRARI driver Rubens Barrichello has spoken in favor of the new electronic aids dominating Formula One headlines.

McLaren are having a terrible time with the new driver aids, but Ferrari seem to have their systems under control and Barrichello says they are helping him drive to his limit.

"A car's balance can go off quite quickly," said Barrichello. "But with all the buttons on the steering wheel you can drive to perfection because you can keep the car handling okay for you."

He does, however, bemoan the reduction of fun in Formula One driving and says the new systems have reduced braking distances and limit overall control for the driver.

"These days you brake just fifty meters from a corner and you are back on the throttle much earlier," he said. "You are letting something else control your own speed.

"So some of the items we have in the modern era reduce the element of fun, but at the end of the day, it is always enjoyable."