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MAY 29, 2001

Arrows boss disappointed by FIA decision

TOM WALKINSHAW could not believe his Arrows team's innovative wing design was banned by the FIA at the Monaco Grand Prix on the day of its introduction.

The wing was mounted high above the Arrows' nose and driver Jos Verstappen claimed it did not affect his vision, but the FIA banned it despite knowing the team was planning to introduce it.

"It was tested and proven by FIA scrutineers to be safe," said Walkinshaw. "They were well aware we were bringing it and well aware that it complied with coachwork regulations.

"The wing had had all the FIA tests done to it, witnessed by the FIA scrutineer. We even spent time crushing the nose to ensure the structure passed the FIA crash test."

Walkinshaw believes that the regulation used to ban it was incorrect and believes the team should have been able to run it under appeal.

"The regulation that was quoted on it is not the regulation that you could quote against that device because it is a construction regulation," he added.

"It gave us a three per cent downforce increase on the front on the car. They said it looks ugly but it would have been the most beautiful thing in Monaco if it had been fast to Verstappen."