Crash to cost Coulthard

AN air stewardess wants David Coulthard to cough up 19,000 (pounds) in compensation after she was injured in a car crash involving the McLaren driver.

Coulthard met Lucy Kennedy, an air hostess with Dublin-based CityJet, at a Nice airport hotel and offered her a ride around the Monaco streets circuit in 1999 in his Mercedes.

She suffered injuries to her neck, back and left leg after Coulthard crashed and after losing her job she wants 17,480 (pounds) loss of earnings and 1,500 (pounds) in medical bills from the world championship contender.

Coulthard promised to take care of the medical bills and compensation money after the crash in the principality, but Kennedy said that she has not heard from the driver's solicitors for five months.

"We haven't heard anything in five months from Coulthard's solicitors," she told the British newspaper The Sun.

"At the time I thought he was nice. I misjudged him as being a better person than he is."

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