Hugo Boss renew McLaren sponsorship

MCLAREN and Hugo Boss have become the longest ever sponsorship partnership in international sporting history after signing a new five-year deal on Friday.

The two companies have been together in Formula One for 20 years during which time McLaren has won nine drivers and seven constructors championships.

"It shows commitment and dedication - values which are synonymous with Boss and McLaren," said McLaren team-boss Ron Dennis.

"There has always been a great synergy between us as we share the passionate desire to be the best in our respective fields."

And as McLaren announced the sponsorship continuation, Hugo Boss chief executive officer Werner Baldessarini acknowledged their partnership has been instrumental in his company's success.

He described Formula One as "an excellent medium for maintaining our image and profile."

Adding: "The media coverage and lifestyle which Formula One and McLaren attract has significantly contributed to developing Boss' global presence."

Hugo Boss provides the purple travel clothing worn by McLaren team personnel, and will continue to have their logos emblazoned on the drivers' overalls and helmets.

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