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MAY 24, 2001

One small mistake could cost me - De la Rosa

JAGUAR driver Pedro de la Rosa has accepted that one small mistake could end his Monaco Grand Prix this weekend, but the Spaniard promised that it won't happen.

De la Rosa is aware that the Monte Carlo streets form one of the toughest circuits on the calendar, but he vowed to keep his concentration and complete race distance in Monaco.

De La Rosa said: "There's simply no room for error at Monaco. The driver has to concentrate one hundred per cent of the time and one small mistake could manifest itself in a big way around here.

"This street circuit provides us with a never ending series of challenges and a seemingly endless guard-rail. Combine this with a narrow track and continuously changing camber and its not hard to see why this race is unpredictable."

De la Rosa has tested the new aerodynamic package for the R2 and wants the improvements to give him and the team a boost.