Montoya to use launch control

WILLIAMS driver Juan Pablo Montoya will be using traction control at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix, he confirmed on Wednesday.

The team have been one of the success stories with the new electronics, and Montoya is confident the system will cope again in Monaco despite fears of a opening lap disaster.

"We will definitely use it," said Montoya on launch control. "It's a big advantage for the start, as we have seen in the last two races.

"I'm pretty confident that our system is working really well. It's pretty reliable so no problems."

The Jordan team have decided not to use their system after a double start-line disaster in Austria in the last race.

And Montoya is quite happy that teams who have not yet optimized their systems are choosing to avoid the risk. "As long as people don't use it, it's going to be good for us," he said.

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