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MAY 22, 2001

BAR appeal for rule clarification

BRITISH AMERICAN RACING said on Monday their appeal against Kimi Raikkonen's fourth-place finish in Austria was for a change in rules rather than against the Sauber driver.

BAR claimed Raikkonen made a passing move during a yellow flag period at the A1-Ring, but managing director Craig Pollock said the protest was against the rule and not the driver himself.

"The rule relating to a waved yellow flag is an important safety measure," Pollock said.

"It is imperative to know what the FIA will, or will not, allow drivers to do when the yellow flag is waved. Our appeal is motivated by a need to have this rule clarified."

Pollock wants the rule clarifying after BAR driver Olivier Panis lost his fourth place in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix because of a similar incident.