Rubens is paid to obey orders - Todt

FERRARI's sporting director Jean Todt has said that Rubens Barrichello had no option but to give up his runners-up spot in Austria as he is paid to obey orders by the Maranello-based team.

Todt played down the furor surrounding Ferrari's decision to apply team orders and said that while he felt sorry for Barrichello, the Brazilian was obligated to do a job for his employers.

"It's obvious that a driver is always hoping to be on the highest step of the podium," said Todt. "He (Barrichello) had driven a magnificent race. He'd led for a long time. He could have won, and nearly did so.

"But from the moment that we realized that Coulthard was going to win the race and that Rubens was just ahead of Michael, it was in Ferrari's interests that we should decide to ask Rubens to let Michael past, so that Michael could gain another two points.

"Rubens is part of the team and he has to do what the team asks him. He's a professional driver because he's paid to do a job, to work for the team and the team's interest.

"It's obvious that a driver has to obey instructions given to him, just as an engineer, me, or anyone else has to. And he didn't refuse. Everyone knows that morally, second place was his.

"He (Barrichello) was disappointed, but I can understand his disappointment. He did a great job and was a potential winner for much of the race."

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