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MAY 13, 2001

Jaguar bosses support Irvine

EDDIE IRVINE has received the full support of his Jaguar Racing bosses Bobby Rahal and Niki Lauda after reports in the British press labelled the driver "lazy" and a "playboy".

Team chief Rahal and managing advisor Lauda said they have no problem with Irvine and his attitude and only wished they could provide a better car for the former Ferrari man this season.

"I think Irvine is a damned good driver," said Rahal. "He hasn't had the best of equipment and as a driver I know that can be awfully frustrating.

"But his commitment is 100 per cent - I feel that we have to perform to his level."

Lauda followed Rahal by giving his full support to Irvine.

"I have no problem with him whatsoever," claimed Lauda. "He's doing a perfect job for us driving the car. What he does off the track I don't really care but as long as he is here together with Pedro de la Rosa I think that they're the perfect team.

"If there's a problem or not, it doesn't really concern me because he can't take the girls in his Formula One car and when he drives he does the perfect job."