Coulthard - Russian race must be positioned right

DAVID COULTHARD has said that the FIA must position a potential Russian Grand Prix right in the calendar if the event is to be a success.

The McLaren driver backed the idea of taking the sport to Moscow, but admitted that a mid-season race will put immense strain on teams and drivers.

"It would represent a hell of a logistical challenge if it was in the middle of the season," said Coulthard. "It's a long flight, it's a long distance for the tracks so it puts a lot more pressure on the teams.

"But if it's sensibly positioned there's no reason why Moscow shouldn't be part of the world championship. Russia is a major player in the world so I think if you've got America, Russia and Europe all involved in Grands Prix then you've pretty much covered the world."

Coulthard's comments come after Formula One ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone visited Moscow on Friday, where a new $100 million circuit is being built on Nagatino Island.

Ecclestone said that when the circuit is built the country will host a Grand Prix, with a European race set to make way for its inclusion in the championship.

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