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MAY 10, 2001

Coulthard plays down Dennis comments

MCLAREN driver David Coulthard has said that Ron Dennis' criticism of him in Barcelona two weeks ago has not affected the team.

Dennis accused Coulthard of 'brain fade' after he struggled off the grid in Spain, but the Scot has said that the comments have not affected team spirit and said he is intent on another podium finish in Austria this weekend.

"There really was no reason to kiss and make up because there was no break-up and that whole issue was sorted out within ten minutes of the race being over, because they had all the information," Coulthard said.

"I've been made aware of people trying to make things run through the last week and it's just that there's nothing else really to talk about at the moment in Formula One.

"That particular incident has passed and now we're just trying to get maximum points out of this event."

Coulthard has finished the last four Austrian events in second place, but he has not set his sights solely on victory this year. He wants a podium finish and a McLaren 1-2 is his top target.

He added: "(It's) a pretty consistent record. Obviously finishing on the podium again is the goal and clearly, like every driver, it's to try and win.

"I think the team has a golden rule which is to earn 16 points from every Grand Prix. From the team point of view it is to get maximum points."