Montezemolo to be offered cabinet post?

FERRARI president Luca di Montezemolo could leave the Italian car making company after the forthcoming Italian general election on Sunday - because he will have a cabinet post if Silvio Berlusconi wins. The media magnate has said that he would like to see Montezemolo as his Minister of Sport.

The 53-year-old would be a good candidate for the job. In his career to date has been head of the Itedi SpA publishing company and managing-director of Cinzano International. He ran the Azzura project, the first Italian yacht to take part in the America's Cup, while also presiding over Turin's Juventus football team.

In 1985-90 he is general manager of the organizing committee for the 1990 World Cup Italia 90. He went on to work with RCS Video, before being appointed chairman and managing director of Ferrari SpA in November 1991.

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