Stallone's movie massacres the opposition

SYLVESTER STALLONE's racing movie "Driven" took nearly twice as much money as its nearest rival at the US Box Office last weekend. The movie took $13.1m while "Bridget Jones's Diary" took only $7.5m. Third-placed "Spy Kids" took only $5.7m but has already collected $93.6m in the last few months. Despite the success of Stallone the weekend was a disappointing one for all the film companies with viewing figures down 20% over last year.

If the film continues to pull in big money, Formula 1 will be kicking itself that it let the opportunity of a movie slip away. Originally Stallone wanted to make a film about Formula 1 but he decided on CART in the end, saying that the F1 authorities were not being serious about his project.

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