Williams to modify FW23

THE FIA are soon expected to issue a clarification to the rules which will force the Williams team to modify their successful FW23.

It is understood that the team's interpretation of the rules is not satisfactory and they will have to revert to a previous design.

Williams won this year's San Marino Grand Prix and have looked competitive all season, but sources at the team suggested they will have to change their car before the next race in Austria.

The car has always been legal but Williams had been taking advantage of a loophole in the rules governing the rear diffuser which the FIA are now expected to close.

In the quest for speed all Formula One teams tend to interpret the letter of the law and sometimes do not run to the spirit of the rules.

It appears the FIA have deemed Williams' interpretations to have not been in the spirit of the law and they are expected to force the team to change after complaints from the other teams.

However, it is believed that Williams is not the only team which will be affected by the clarification of the rules.

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