Schumacher criticizes monkey comments

WORLD CHAMPION Michael Schumacher is disgusted by claims from Jaguar boss and former Grand Prix racer Niki Lauda that monkeys could drive in Formula One.

Lauda believes that the driver aids now allowed in Grand Prix racing have removed any skill from the sport but Schumacher, whose Grand Prix record is building to be one of the best in the sport, has hit back.

"So we have 22 monkeys in the car now? Good," Schumacher fumed. "Obviously Niki likes to say a lot of things. Maybe a monkey can drive, but certainly not as fast."

Schumacher's former Ferrari team-mate Eddie Irvine, however, agrees with his Jaguar chief Lauda and said the move to allow electronic aids in Formula One is wrong.

Irvine said: "I think it's wrong for Formula One, totally wrong. It makes my job easier so I get the same money for less effort.

"Using traction control you need the same amount of skill as walking into your room and switching on the lights."

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