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APRIL 26, 2001

Barcelona not true test for traction control

AS the teams continue to discuss whether traction control will or will not have an effect on Grand Prix racing, Michelin motorsport director Pierre Dupasquier has said he is not expecting a shake-up - yet.

Dupasquier believes that the high-speed Barcelona circuit is not a true test of the new systems and that teams will have to wait for a slow circuit like Monaco before the true effects are known.

"The main area of traction control is when the wheel is spinning," he said. "If you don't have any spinning, you don't need it. It doesn't play any role.

"On circuits where you have a lot of stop and go it is very different. Monte Carlo will be significantly different, but not too much here.

"Apart from the start, where it is very important, if the circuit is high speed and does not oblige you to go under third gear, traction won't change a lot."

But there is still a lot that has changed since Michelin, who have actually tested on the Barcelona track, were last at the circuit.

"Everything has changed since we were here for testing," said Dupasquier. "The cars have changed, the engines have changed, the drivers are the same, but maybe a little bit more different now.

"Constructions have changed. We have to rebuild everything. We have done things, and hopefully we will be on target, but it's not sure at all."