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APRIL 22, 2001

Coulthard positive on traction control debate

DAVID COULTHARD has said that he has been pleasantly surprised by the effect of the electronic traction control systems which will be reintroduced in time for next Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix Barcelona.

After testing the systems at Silverstone last week, Coulthard said; "Traction control not only helps you in the slow corners, but also in the faster bits as well. It doesn't only compensate when you break traction, it also comes in when you begin to slide.

"As a result, it is a whole new discipline. Whereas before, I would be taking a corner at 120mph at one-half throttle, now I am taking it at 125mph on full throttle, knowing that the car will correct itself if the back end steps out of line. That requires a lot of faith and commitment in the electronics, of course, and takes a while to reach that state."

Coulthard also believes that the status quo will not materially change. "Cars with better grip and handling will still beat cars with less effective grip and handling," he claimed.

The Scottish driver made these comments in Monaco at the weekend where he was celebrating the opening of the Columbus, his new 184 room hotel in the Principality.