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APRIL 20, 2001

Rahal reaffirms warning to Ecclestone

JAGUAR RACING chief executive officer Bobby Rahal has reaffirmed a warning to Formula One ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone that the sport's breakaway manufacturers are serious about their threat to set up a rival series.

Rahal, speaking at the Sports Business 2001 conference, said that the manufacturers are demanding a major role in the future of the sport after their billion-dollar investment in Grand Prix racing.

"There's a unanimous agreement about going our own way unless the manufacturers are given a powerful say in every aspect of the sport from rules to the television rights.

"Bernie (Ecclestone) has made a lot of people in Formula One very wealthy, including himself, but now is the time to be a lot more transparent about the way he conducts his business. This is not posturing, we want action."

Rahal also suggested that Ecclestone's agreement to sell a fraction of his business to Kirch is only relevant until 2006 when the current deal with the teams and manufacturers expires.