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APRIL 19, 2001

BMW put Williams in a race-winning position - Head

THE progression of Williams engine supplier BMW, which has helped Williams move into a race-winning position, has impressed the team's technical director Patrick Head.

An agreement for the supply of engines from BMW was secured towards the end of 1997 by Williams, and although the German engine manufacturer has been developing their project ever since, Head is surprised by the progress.

"I don't sit down and plan each year in terms of expectations and results," said Head. "But I don't think I expected BMW to be in such a strong position so early in their involvement in F1.

"In my mind I thought maybe it would be another year, but with BMW we have an open view on what we want to try and achieve which is respectability and the cars finishing in 2000 and a race win or two in 2001 and start 2002 as championship contenders.

"That was the basic background plan. BMW on their side have certainly kept up with their part of the program."