Bernoldi looking to kick-start Formula one career in Imola

ENRIQUE BERNOLDI is confident he can get his Arrows to the end of the San Marino Grand Prix and finally register his first Grand Prix finish.

The Brazilian driver has had a tough introduction to Formula One, but he feels his previous knowledge of the Imola circuit will help in the fourth round of the season.

"I raced at Imola back in 1996 in Formula Renault and won the race so the track holds fond memories for me," Bernoldi said.

"It's a challenging circuit and I've always enjoyed racing at Imola so let's hope I can score my First Formula One finish there."

Bernoldi's team-mate Jos Verstappen has enjoyed more success this season and has looked promising in the drivers seat, despite not having scored a point this season.

"Imola is one of my favorite tracks on the calendar as it's a real challenge," Verstappen said. "It's hard on the brakes and has lots of slow speed chicanes so to do a quick lap here you need a car that can jump the curbs well.

"Hopefully, the A22 can do just that so I'm hoping for a good race. It will be nice to be racing in Europe again and hopefully we will get a good result."

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