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APRIL 4, 2001

Arrows protest fine

THE Arrows team confirmed on Wednesday that they have launched an official appeal against Jos Verstappen's $15,000 fine from the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Dutchman Verstappen was fined after crashing into race leader Juan Pablo Montoya on lap 39 of the Brazil race.

But the Arrows team believe the decision to fine their driver is not consistent after similar incidents this season have seen drivers go unpunished.

Rubens Barrichello avoided a fine after hitting Ralf Schumacher in exactly the same corner in that saw Verstappen's accident in Brazil, and Jacques Villeneuve was not penalized after he went into the back of Ralf Schumacher in Australia.

Verstappen believes the telemetry from his A22 car will prove that he braked early for the corner and was taking all the cautionary procedures possible when the incident, which took both drivers out of the race, occurred.