Dennis supports Interlagos circuit

RON DENNIS, the chairman and chief executive officer of the McLaren team, has expressed his concerns that the Interlagos Circuit is being unfairly criticized.

Dennis has refused to join the castigation of the Brazilian circuit after several teams voiced their disapproval at the standard of facilities at the Sao Paulo circuit.

"The easiest thing to be is critical but I don't think that is the right approach," said Dennis. "We have a world championship and we have to race in different countries, different continents.

"This country is still going through a lot of growing pains and economic growth and we are racing in a country which is behind other countries in the world.

"If we race here we have got to accept that they are going to struggle to meet some of the standards achieved at other circuits, especially those that are government supported.

"My own frustration is that if we are going to be tolerant of circuits struggling to reach criteria we should be tolerant around the world."

Dennis also indicated that the Interlagos circuit is being unfairly made the scapegoat after a series of problems over the last few years.

He added: "It is a difficult economic challenge when you host a Grand Prix and I think the teams can live with that to a certain degree, but my main frustration is that whatever frustrations people have it should be consistent around the world."

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