Jordan and Briatore want more glamor

TEAM BOSSES Flavio Briatore and Eddie Jordan have called for more promotion and publicity for Formula One after the pair claimed that the sport lacks glamor.

"Look at the pits," said Jordan. "There was no one there, just members of the press. In the past, we've had famous names in the pits here, like Pele and Ronaldo, but there was no atmosphere.

"This race used to have such a buzz - everyone liked to come out here early - but it just isn't the same any longer. The biggest news today was the camera falling off the tracks into the pits!"

Briatore and Jordan both suggested that Formula One teams needed to make more of an effort, to liven up television pictures.

"No one really bothers about whether a car is running traction control or launch control," pointed out Briatore. "What people are interested in is entertainment, and we need to make sure that they have it."

Both men suggested that they would bring up the matter with FIA president Max Mosley and Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone in order to change things for the future.

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