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MARCH 30, 2001

Teams troubled in Brazil

CRIMINALS have caused problems to some of the Formula One teams in Brazil to further justify their concerns of racing in the country.

Minardi were troubled by thieves who reportedly assaulted team member Tony Lees and stole several personal items, while in the pit lane eight computers were stolen from the Jaguar garages.

The team not only lost the hardware, but also all the telemetry data installed on the computers.

But engineers at the Milton Keynes base have already re-sent the data to the circuit, and the problems should not set the team back for the weekend.

The primitive nature of the circuit is also causing problems for the teams, and Williams are still struggling to secure phone lines to set up their modem link to the factory.

The complaints and robberies, coupled with the bumpy track surface and a past history of falling signboards, will almost certainly demand an investigation by the FIA.