Teams ponder logistical problems as Brazil beckons

THE Formula 1 teams are currently flat-out keeping up with the World Championship schedule while also trying to develop the cars while the race teams are on the road in Asia. While several of the F1 teams have test cars already running in Europe others do not have that luxury and have had to rely on older machinery. One or two are flying cars back to Europe between the races to run in tests. Ferrari tried to do this between Australia and Malaysia but the plan was disrupted somewhat when there were problems with the air freight. We hear that British American Racing is intending to fly two of its three cars back to Europe after the Malaysian GP so that they can be used in a test in Barcelona. The cars will then be rebuilt in the garages at the Circuit de Catalunya before being sent out to Brazil.

The pace of development at the moment in F1 circles is extraordinary as teams try to make an impact early in the F1 season and most teams are planning for the first big aerodynamic upgrades at Imola in a month. There are also expected to be at least two major upgrades for the leading engines in the course of the year.

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