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MARCH 15, 2001

Schumacher tells Frentzen to keep quiet

WORLD CHAMPION Michael Schumacher said on Thursday that Jordan's Heinz-Harald Frentzen should keep his comments to himself after he suggested Ferrari engines were fitted with traction control devices.

Ferrari driver Schumacher comments come after Frentzen remarked about the acceleration of the two Ferrari-powered Saubers he followed in the Australian Grand Prix.

Schumacher, speaking at a news conference in Melbourne, believes Frentzen should make an official complaint or keep quiet on the matter.

"The FIA are the top body to control the sport and if he feels there is something strange then he has the right to make a protest to clarify it," said Schumacher.

"In this situation he has to do this," he continued. "Just to make the rumor brings the sport a lot of disrepute and bad criticism."

Frentzen has already clarified his original remarks to cancel any suggestions of cheating, but Schumacher believes this is still not enough.

"I know he is not saying it is illegal, but then he has to say we are doing a good job," added Schumacher.

"I feel it is very much unnecessary and unfair when you have the big job and huge effort that everyone puts into this business.

"We invest millions of dollars into projects to get the best performance out of the car and just to make this stupid comment is completely unfair and he should really rethink what he is saying."