Malaysia ticket sales low but deal extended

THE organizers of the Malaysian Grand Prix have cancelled plans for live television coverage of the event within Malaysia. According to reports in the country this is because 70% of the 94,000 available tickets have yet to be sold and it is hoped that the locals will decide to buy tickets to see the race rather than stay at home and watch it on television. The organizers say that a massive 300% hike in the price of hotel rooms have turned people away. They also argue that the switch from October to March means that fewer international visitors are planning to come to Malaysia for the race. It also helped that the previous races were World Championship-deciding events.

But despite the lack of demand for the tickets, it has been revealed that the Malaysians have recently agreed to extend the existing deal for the race for another five years and there will continue to be a Malaysian GP until the year 2010 at least.

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