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MARCH 4, 2001

Newey confirms Hakkinen concussion

MIKA HAKKINEN suffered concussion after his high-speed exit from the Australian Grand Prix.

McLaren technical director Adrian Newey confirmed that Hakkinen suffered concussion after he went out of the race with suspected rear suspension failure on lap 26 as he attempted to overhaul Michael Schumacher's lead at Albert Park.

Newey said the impact of a collision with a tire barrier left the Finnish driver concussed.

"At the moment we don't know exactly what happened," Newey said. "It is suspected suspension or brake problems.

"All we can say is that Mika was very shaken and he is suffering from slight concussion. There are marks on his helmet. Obviously we were very concerned for David (Coulthard) at the time."

The same problem did not hinder Coulthard in the end as he finished second in the race behind winner Schumacher.