Montoya finds life easier in Formula One

FORMER Champ Car star Juan Pablo Montoya believes the technology levels in Formula One give drivers an easier time than they get in the American series.

Having undergone a hard and extensive winter testing period with BMW-Williams, the Colombian driver has concluded that Formula One is less physical than Champ Cars.

"It's not that they are easy to drive," said Montoya. "But you have so many driving aids like power steering that it makes your life a bit easier."

Montoya is one of seven drivers new to Formula One this season. He is fast, but two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen believes Williams' choice of Michelin tires will affect Montoya's performance.

Hakkinen said: "There could be occasions when they can perform well and occasions when they probably are not so good - but I hope he is not too fast."

Schumacher added to Hakkinen's opinions of Montoya and said: "He must have talent, otherwise they (Williams) wouldn't have signed him up."

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