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FEBRUARY 26, 2001

Toyota join forces with information system experts EMC

TOYOTA MOTORSPORT announced on Monday a collaboration with information system experts EMC that will boost their testing program this year.

Cologne-based Toyota, who will test in 2001 ahead of their introduction into Grand Prix racing in 2002, have signed a three-year deal with EMC that will enable drivers Mika Salo and Allan McNish to work with top electronic information systems.

EMC will provide state-of-the-art equipment that will allow Toyota and the drivers to analyze their progress in great detail both during and after the extensive testing program.

"Information is the engine for any Formula One team," said Toyota Motorsport president Ove Andersson. "It provides friction-free decision making and support far beyond the track."

Former Sauber driver Salo said: "Testing is crucial to our team's success. Each test car will be equipped with a hundred sensors with the mission of gathering information on every aspect of both the car and driver's performance.

"This will make it impossible for a driver like myself to hide. If I do something correct, everyone will see it and learn from it. If I do something wrong it can be quickly identified and corrected."

Toyota will unveil their 2001 test-car on March 23 and will then embark on an intensive testing program around most of the European circuits before the start of the 2002 season.

They had hoped to enter Formula One this season, but were forced to postpone their entry after the FIA ruled that only V10 engines would be permitted in the sport and they had been working on a V12.