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FEBRUARY 23, 2001

Trulli future with Jordan

JORDAN driver Jarno Trulli said on Thursday that he wants to stick with the team until he wins his first Grand Prix.

The Italian, who joined the Silverstone-based squad for 2000, said that he is settled at the team, and hopes to grow with them even though his contract ends after the current season.

"I think at the moment I feel all right at Jordan," he said. "It would be nice to grow up with Jordan, stay with Jordan, and win races with Jordan in the future."

Trulli joined the Formula One fray in 1997, but so far things haven't quite gone to plan for the Italian, and he is hoping this year will be the one to turn it around.

"It's already my fifth season in Grand Prix racing," said the 26-year-old former Minardi and Prost driver.

"Unfortunately I haven't got what I really wanted to get from Formula One, that means podiums and maybe a victory. So I'm really waiting for it and hope it's going to be the right season".