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FEBRUARY 22, 2001

Prost name engine ACER

THE Prost Grand Prix team announced on Thursday that their Ferrari power units will now be re-badged as an 'ACER' engine for 2001.

The team has signed an agreement with Information Technology company ACER, and the car will be officially named as a Prost ACER.

It is an important announcement for the team, which is looking to improve after a disastrous season last year.

They secured a major sponsorship deal with the PanAmerican Sports Network (PSN) in December, and finding funding for the engine is another boost for the team.

"I am proud to have brought a new brand name into Formula One once again," said team boss Alain Prost. "Together we look forward to a long-term successful partnership."

ACER is a worldwide company which spans 42 countries and employs 35,000 people, and Gianfranco Lanci, president of ACER Europe, believes the sport will help the company publicize its brand.

"We are confident that our sponsorship with a promising team such as Prost Grand Prix will boost the visibility of the ACER Brand," said Lanci.