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FEBRUARY 17, 2001

Alonso back in F3000

EUROPEAN MINARDI Formula One driver Fernando Alonso made a surprise return to the wheel of a Formula 3000 car at a test in Imola this week.

The young star was present to help the team's F3000 squad with car set-up, and to show the team how fast their drivers should be going.

He was immediately on the pace at Imola, setting the fastest time of the morning in Andrea Piccini's car, then taking over David Saelens' chassis to run third fastest time of the day.

"It was fun to get back into a Formula 3000 car again and to be able to drive at a circuit like Imola," said Alonso. "For me though, the focus is now 100 per cent Formula One and the Australian Grand Prix."

Alonso will become the youngest driver on the Formula One grid in Melbourne, and enthused: "I can't wait for the season to start."