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FEBRUARY 15, 2001

Morbidelli expects to hear future on Friday

GIANNI MORBIDELLI will find out if he is in line for a Formula One return with Minardi on Friday.

The Italian driver has confirmed that he has been in talks with the team, and has been told that Friday is the day the decision will be made.

"I had a one-hour meeting last week with Paul Stoddart, Giancarlo Minardi, and Rupert Mainwaring, and on Friday they must give me an answer," said Morbidelli. "But right now I know nothing."

Minardi contacted the driver despite the fact he cannot provide any sponsorship to the team, and already has a contract to drive for BMW in the European Super Touring Car Championship this year.

Morbidelli admitted that he would be ecstatic if he did receive the call from the team: "If they call me and they say do you want to race, it would be like a dream. I would be a very happy guy.

"I can sleep during the night," he added. "But if they call me on Friday I will make a party and come back into Formula One."

Morbidelli has driven in six seasons of Formula One, including a race for Ferrari in 1991 when he replaced Alain Prost. His career stuttered when he broke his arm in a testing accident in 1997, but he could now be given a Formula One lifeline.