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JANUARY 3, 2001

Renault announce plans to nurture future talent

RENAULT have announced plans to nurture talent of the future by creating a "nursery system" within the company.

Patrick Faure, president of Renault Sport, revealed that the company, who bought Benetton last year, will help young drivers graduate into Formula One by handing them drives in lesser series'.

Faure said: "Our intention is to create our own 'nursery' system in the lower formulae, establishing precise agreements, to provide a stepping stone for young talented drivers to get into Formula One by passing through Formula Three and Formula 3000.

"We are evaluating the possibility of creating direct links with various teams with this in mind. Such a system will not only allow us to recruit and develop young drivers, who can be offered an opportunity to race in Formula One.

"Engineers and mechanics can help the drivers by giving them assistance in the technical side of motor racing."