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JANUARY 1, 2001

Jaguar plans run into doubt

JAGUAR's plans to build a new factory at Silverstone have run into difficulties, despite having planning permissions approved.

The team announced at the end of last year that they had been granted permission to build a new space-age facility near to the Northamptonshire circuit.

However it appears that the local council have blocked plans for the team to include a four storey car park for staff.

Planning Committee Chairman, John Townsend told British newspaper The Sun. "We have approved Fords plans, but only in principle so far,"

"It is conditional on a few things. One of those is that it will not have 1,202 parking spaces. We have asked Ford to look at how some staff can come in by bus. We don't want 1,200 cars on site.

"We would rather have 20 people on one bus than 20 people in their own cars. Everything has been very amicable, but the details have to be got right and we have got to integrate it into the countryside.

"I expected quite a backlash from the local village over the plans but there have been very few objections and negotiations have been carried out in a very positive atmosphere."