Montezemolo wants a holiday

FERRARI President Luca di Montezemolo says that he would like to take a sabbatical from running the company. The Italian aristocrat has achieved a great deal with the company since he took over as chairman and managing director in November 1991. He has rebuilt Ferrari and its sister company Maserati and has increased sales to what is considered to be the maximum level possible without diluting the firm's exclusive image and he has overseen victory in the Formula 1 World Championship. Montezemolo was recently married and his young wife is expecting a child in May but he accepts that it is very likely that he will able to have the time off he desires as he must concentrate on building up Maserati sales now that the factory has been completely rebuilt.

Montezemolo's desire for a break is not really a surprise and a sign that many of those involved in the Formula 1 success at Ferrari new want to ease off the pace a little. Both sporting director Jean Todt and technical director Ross Brawn have expressed similar wishes.

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