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DECEMBER 28, 2000

Barrichello aiming for success in 2001

RUBENS BARRICHELLO has insisted that the 2001 season will see a vast improvement in personal performances and a concerted push for the Formula One World Championship.

The Ferrari driver cannot wait for the forthcoming season to get underway and has asked his team to put him on equal status with Michael Schumacher, believing that given the support of the Ferrari team he can compete alongside the formidable German.

"I want to win immediately; at the first Grand Prix," he said, "For my first season (with Ferrari) I had an objective of between 50 and 60 points. To have gained 62 points is already a success."

"Now, I would like to turn the 6 into a 9 (and get) 92 points. Championships have been won with less. Now I know what Ferrari is I will go well, I will win more."