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DECEMBER 23, 2000

Minardi remaining optimistic

MINARDI are remaining upbeat about their future in Formula One, despite the recent announcement that Prost have teamed up with PSN.

PSN sponsor Minardi driver Gaston Mazzacane and the Argentine has been strongly linked to team-up alongside French driver Jean Alesi at Prost.

There have also been strong rumors that Mecachrome may purchase a major stake in Minardi, therefore fixing the engine and money side of the team's woes.

But despite the uncertainty, Minardi team boss Giancarlo Minardi is confident that an announcement will be made in the near future and that they will be competing in the Australian Grand Prix in the first week of March.

"Things are progressing favorably," said Minardi. "The prospects are quite good and I hope the 2001 season will be more serene, quiet and faster than the previous one!"