Trulli wants a Ferrari to demonstrate true ability

ITALIAN Jarno Trulli believes he could better the performance of reigning world champion Michael Schumacher if he was given a chance in a Ferrari.

Jordan driver Trulli was hailed as a future Formula One champion but was forced to endure a disappointing year in his debut season with Jordan in 2000. But he is confident he could better Ferrari's Schumacher's in the same car.

"Give me a Ferrari and I will demonstrate that Michael Schumacher is not the best driver," Trulli said. "The best driver on absolute ability does not exist and never has.

"Give me the same car, I'm sure I could do as well as Michael Schumacher, if not beat him."

Trulli claims that he is, and has always been, better than any of his team-mates in the past and said he would love to drive for Ferrari in the future.

"I have always been better than my teammates, both in qualifying and the races," he added. "I have done better than Heinz-Harald Frentzen who was quicker than Schumacher in the Mercedes sports-prototypes.

"And I would personally accept an offer from Ferrari because I think I have demonstrated that I am an Italian driver who is capable of starting from the front row.

"All I need now is a win, and I feel sure Ferrari would help me to achieve that."

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