Moscow confirms F1 bid with TWR

THE Moscow tourist authorities have confirmed plans to build a Formula 1 circuit on Nagatino Island with Tom Walkinshaw's TWR overseeing the construction of the facility. According to the Russians work will begin in the Spring and should be completed within two years.

It remains to be seen how TWR is planning to convince Formula 1 to go to Russia as it is quite clear at the moment that F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has no desire to be involved in any racing in Russia because of the country's bad image. There is no shortage of alternative venues around the world and although some of F1's big sponsors want to get into the Russian market the drawbacks of such a plan would still seem to outweigh the benefits. TWR may be working on the principle that things will have changed within two years. It is being suggested that TWR is investing large sums of money in the Russian program but this has not been confirmed and it seems unlikely that Walkinshaw would embark on such a program without some guarantees for the future. Although he has not been successful in F1, Walkinshaw is no fool when it comes to making money.

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