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DECEMBER 18, 2000

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JENSON BUTTON has vowed to become more aggressive and push harder next season in a bid to make him a better driver in the future.

The Briton, who in his first Formula One season collected 12 championship points with BMW Williams, admitted that he could have produced better results last year had he not been so cautious.

Button told British Sunday newspaper THE OBSERVER: "During my first year, I have been very cautious about lots of things. I definitely wasn't aggressive enough.

"But I'll definitely be more aggressive next year. Definitely. Maybe I won't finish as many races, but I am going to push hard.

"If it's right, its right; if I go over the top, I go over the top; but I think I will learn from it. I will be a lot more confident, a lot fitter physically and mentally."

Button will drive for Benetton for the next two seasons after being loaned out by BMW-Williams. He tested for Benetton last week in Barcelona and topped the times on Thursday.