Alesi against traction control introduction in mid-season

PROST driver Jean Alesi has criticized the FIA for the possible reintroduction of traction control after the first quarter of the 2001 season, saying that it could lead to cheating.

Speaking at the Bologna Motor Show, Alesi voiced his concern about bringing traction control back into Formula One from the Spanish Grand Prix in April onwards.

"I am totally against the eventual reintroduction of electronic devices from the Spanish Grand Prix onwards," said Alesi.

"In my opinion, either they introduce it immediately or it's better to just drop the idea. Agreeing to it after the season is already underway leaves the door open to anyone who wants to cheat.

"Some teams will probably insinuate that there is favoritism towards other teams. I really don't understand why, we've just had a championship that has passed by without any problems."

Alesi, who has just finished testing for Prost in Barcelona, was particularly enthusiastic about the team's new tire supply deal with Michelin, which was confirmed days before the test.

"I am really pleased with the way testing went," he declared. "Especially with the new Michelins.

"Above all I liked their way of working and the way they make you feel part of a team. They really respect you. Ours is going to be a positive collaboration next year."

In 2001 Alesi will be continuing with fellow Frenchman Alain Prost after one of the worst seasons in his and the Prost team's history.

An engine supply deal with Ferrari, tires from Michelin and an injection of capital from former Sauber driver Pedro Diniz have all boosted Alain Prost's hopes for a positive year.

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