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DECEMBER 12, 2000

Motive power at Minardi

OUR spies in Faenza report that while negotiations continue for the sale of the team, the engineers in Italy are buy working on the design of the 2000 chassis which will feature Supertec V10 engines and, rumor has it, elements of the rear end of the current Benetton. If this true, it would make rumors of Benetton's complaints about Prost using a Ferrari rear end all the more amusing as Supertec is owned by Benetton boss Flavio Briatore.

Minardi owner Gabriele Rumi says that the engine announcement will be a surprise and the latest suggestion we have heard is that the team could use Nissan-badged engines as Minardi would then, in effect, become a second team for Renault. It remains to be seen who will own the team but our sources continue to say that an American investment bank is the most likely.

The team is expected to announce a Michelin tire deal shortly.