Zonta suffering with seating problem

RICARDO ZONTA's was hampered during his first testing session for Jordan in Jerez -- by his seat rather than any mechanical problems.

The Brazilian took to the track for Jordan but found difficulties with the set-up inside the car compared to his former team British American Racing after being forced to borrow Heinz-Harald Frentzen's seat.

Zonta said: "I felt comfortable in the car though I am driving at a different angle to the BAR. I am using Heinz-Harald's seat and it is not perfect, but for the new car it is OK."

Zonta, who was confirmed as the official test driver at the end of last season, is having a troubled first week in his new role but admitted he is enjoying working alongside his new colleagues.

"Testing this week has not been that good so far," said Zonta. "We have been trying new things with driving in the wet and suspension that have been causing problems.

"Everything is new, including me, and I have been getting to know David Brown (engineer). I always had a good support while testing at BAR and I have that here, but it was different at races with BAR."

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