Traction control will be fair to all -- Barrichello

RUBENS BARRICHELLO has admitted he is not looking forward to the prospect of traction control in 2001 -- but admitted that the new rules will be fair to all.

The Brazilian, who tested Ferrari's new aerodynamic package in Jerez on Tuesday, said that he was pleased with his runs as he attempts to get used to the new improvements.

"I think that traction control will not be good for pure driving," said Barrichello. "That is what I like and it is one of the most enjoyable parts. It will be a shame when it happens.

"But saying that there are a lot of people who believe that some teams are already using traction control and I am all for equality. It is important for the cars to be similar and I would like to see all the cars the same.

"To do that, if we have to have traction control, that is the way it has to be."

Barrichello insisted that he felt no pressure to perform in 2001 and admitted that early testing wouldn't provide a big indication to the new season.

He added: "I have no expectations at all for myself for next year and I don't want to create any ideas on that one. I am not setting any targets and I just want to keep calm. I know what I am capable of.

"I don't think any tests this year will give anyone any idea as to what will happen next year because everybody will be trying different configurations on the electronic side and with aerodynamics.

"Nobody will know who is running what type of cars and that will make the times at the end of the day worthless."

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