FIA proposes more technology!

AS the Formula 1 team chiefs prepare to go to Monte Carlo later this week for a meeting of the Formula 1 Commission we hear that FIA President Max Mosley, who is against the proposal to allow more electronic systems in the sport, has circulated a letter to the teams suggesting that even more technology should be allowed - including traction-control, torque-steer systems, automatic starts and active-suspension.

Mosley is proposing that the technology will keep the automobile manufacturers happy as they become more and more involved in the sport. In order to ensure that the cars do not become too fast and threaten safety standards at the F1 circuits, Mosley is understood to be suggesting that he wants big reductions in aerodynamic downforce to slow the cars in the corners as a trade-off for the software systems.

The proposals are likely to cause a considerable amount of discussion at the Commission meeting. If the rules are to be changed from the start of the new season, there has to be unanimous agreement at the meeting.

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