Benetton confirms Michelin deal

THE Benetton team sometimes has a weird way of doing business. The team has not yet announced any official deal to run Michelin tires in 2001 but last week the new Benetton technical director Mike Gascoyne was quoted in an official FIA press release saying that the team will be running a couple of its 2000 cars in the course of December "to get on with Michelin tire testing". The move is not really a surprise given that the team is now owned by Renault but it is odd that no announcement has been made.

It is expected that Williams, Jaguar and Benetton will be joined on Michelin tires by as many as three other teams next year. Bridgestone will retain Ferrari, McLaren, Jordan, BAR and Sauber and so the most likely teams to be seen on Michelin tires are Prost, Arrows and Minardi.

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